Welcome to the Interkingdom Equestrian Competition Website!

The Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition (IKEqC) is intended to be a Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) wide competition in a grand tournament style, where all riders may compete honorably and appreciation of skill may overcome the boundaries of Kingdoms and limitations of travel. IKEqC is based on a similar premise to the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC).

Each tournament of the competition will run for one year with April 30 being the end of one tournament year and May 1 the beginning of the next tournament year.

This site displays scores for the current year and scores and champions for past years of the program. Use the links above to see scores for each year. The current tournament year is Anno Societatis XLVIII (May 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014). This year's tournament will be a Mounted Archery competition.

For the rules, download the following file:

A.S. XLVII Rules and Regulations (PDF format)

For the score sheets, download the following file:

A.S. XLVII Event Scoresheets and Roster (PDF format)

Kingdom and Competitor Recognition

The year-end scores will be sent to the Kingdom newsletters. The winning Kingdom will be determined by averaging the highest Championship Division scores of the three top-scoring Competitors for each Kingdom. In the case of a tie, the Kingdom with the narrowest point spread will be declared the winner. It is encouraged that Equestrian Marshals in Charge (EqMICs) and Kingdom Equestrian Officers (KEOs) help recognize the achievements of their Kingdom's top competitors.

The IKEqC Champion

The IKEqC Championship score for ASXLVIII (AS48) will be based on Mounted Archery scores as defined in the official rules. A prize will be given to the IKEqC year-end Champion.